Monitoring the Expert Agencies.  The Public Ombudsmen



The Public Ombudsmen and the Policy Juries monitor the actions of the Expert Agencies

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       Public      Ombudsmen
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Policy Juries 
Expert Agencies

















In addition to Policy Juries, a Public Ombudsman is attached to each Expert Agency and Expert Court. The role of the Public Ombudsman is to ensure that Agencies and Courts act according to the public will.  Ombudsmen also arbitrate disputes between the Expert Agencies and their associated Policy Juries. Public Ombudsmen can suggest corrective actions when they find that Expert Agencies or the Policy Juries are in conflict with the public will. However, Public Ombudsmen cannot formulate new policies and cannot enforce any decisions. If Public Ombudsmen cannot resolve their differences with the Expert Agency or the Policy Jury, they can refer such disputes to the Courts.